[PHF-2] 5 Miniaturas


[PHF-2] 5 Miniaturas (2013) for orchestra

Instrumentation details: picc., fl., 2cl., 2ob., 2bsn., 2tpt., 2tbn., tba., vln.I(A), vln.I(B), vln.II(A), vln.II(B); vla.I, vla.II.; vc.I, vc.II; cb., 2perc.

Every piece is conceived as a small item of jewelry, where its apparent imperfections are actually a intricate chain of symmetry relations.

This collection of five miniatures features a symphony orchestra where its orchestration is conceived as a chamber ensemble. The string section, for example, is always fragmented in two (i.e. first violins A and B, second violins A and B, violas I and II etc.).
The five pieces are contrasting in formal construction and character. The first movement has a set of guidelines regarding its flexible structure. Even with its material fixed, the concatenation of events and general duration of the piece is meant to be flexible on every performance. Second and fourth pieces uses only string and wind sections respectively.
The material is self-similar throughout the five pieces, employing a range of symmetry algorithms in order to implement a chain of fragmentation of materials: from pitch, duration, rhythm and metric construction to its disposition and flow in the orchestration.


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