[PHF-4] Quatro Quadros



[PHF-4] Quatro Quadros (2014) for windband

Instrumentation details: picc., 2fl., ob., eb.cl., 3cl., b.cl., bsn., 2a.sax.; 2t.sax., bar.sax., 4hns., 3tpt., 2tbn., b.tbn., 2euph., 2tba., 3-5perc.

Composed and dedicated: Fernando Barreto e Banda Henrique Marques.

This work named Four Pictures/Canvas, belongs to a set of miniature works for various instrumental groups. The title suggests that each piece depicts a different virtual cenario, framed into their respective duration and instrumental combination. Each piece is showing only a part of the complete musical panorama. In that way, the listener is allowed/presented to a determined angle of the whole sound complexity. The four canvas are attached to the same dimension, but they do not constitute a continuous representation of it.



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