[PHF-5] 3 Miniaturas



[PHF-5] 3 Miniaturas sobre cinco cenários apocalípticos (2014) for cello and bass trombone

Composed and dedicated: Ana Claudia Assis Nunes e Pedro Henrique Ribeiro.

This collection of miniatures is based on a selection of five illustrations from Renascence, originally gathered around 1550 in Augsburg (now Germany). This selection contains various apocalyptical scenes, they are based on medieval tales, traditions or even mere predictions of natural disasters and invasions by mythical creatures in times of war.

The work seeks the exploration of several symbolic representations depicted in those illustrations, developing its musical discourse by evoking the character related to each of these passages. There is no intention to connect specific scenes to certain musical passages and/or materials. The performers are stimulated to work with their own imagination in order to associate/relate the illustrations to the music.







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