[PHF-8a/b] 4 Momentos Modulares


[PHF-8a/b] 4 Momentos Modulares (2015/16) for bass clarinet and bass trombone, or two bass trombones

Composed and dedicated: Duo Abissal (Ricardo Santos, bass trombone; Thiago Tavares, bass clarinet).

Similarly to the structure adopted in 5 Modular Miniatures, the sequence of the pieces (A, B, C, D) are meant to be explored and rearranged in each performance. The standard performance should be [A], [B], [C] and [D]. Differently from the previous work, not all four movements need to be played in the same performance. Therefore some general guidelines are provided:

At least three pieces must be played;
Fast movements (B and D) should not be played in immediate sequence;
[B] should not be played after [D];
[C] should not be either the first or the last.

Here’s a few arrangements suggested:
[A], [C] and [D];
[B], [A] and [D];
[B], [C], [A] and [D].


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